Camp T-Shirt & Tote Bag Painting Party:

  • When: Friday Evening 7:30-9:30 p.m.
  • Location: Staff Dining Hall
  • Cost: 3 brand new bottles of acrylic paint or $3.00 & $1.00 if you want a
    “bling” kit
  • Supplies Needed: Basic Painting Kit, Plastic Covered Shirt Board

For those of you who purchased a Camp T-Shirt & Tote Bag, please join your fellow campers in the Staff Dining Hall to paint your items.

Someone from camp will supervise the party and introduce you to this fun technique – it is very simple! If you have never painted on fabric before, you will learn all the necessary tip and tricks on how to paint on fabric and make the item your very own. This is your chance to meet with other campers and give something new a try!

All that we ask is that you please bring 3 bottles of newly purchased acrylic paint OR $3.00 to the party to help contribute to the cost of supplies needed each year. In addition, please bring BASIC PAINTING KIT and a PLASTIC COVERED SHIRT BOARD. If you do not have these items, we will have a limited number of items on hand to share. We hope to see you there!!

Note: A shirt board can be made from a piece of cardboard with wax paper taped to it. A shirt board is used to protect the item until the paint has had a chance to dry. We will also try to have “bling” kits for $1.00, and you will need to bring FABRIC GLUE to adhere your “bling”.