Jean’s Silent Auction

8:30 – 11:30 AM – Drop off Silent Auction items at Piatt Lodge
7:00 – 9:00 PM – First Look at Auction Items
9:00 – 11:29 AM – Final Look at Auction Items
11:30 AM – Silent Auction Ends – Promptly!
1:30 – 3:00 PM – Pick up Winning Treasures

ALL winnings must be paid for & picked up by 3:00PM Saturday – If you cannot come yourself, make arrangements with your friends to help 😉    Items not picked up, run the risk of being taken to local charity

*** Donations relinquished to the auction will not be returned to Donor unless prior arrangements are made with Silent Auction Committee ***

• Campers can sign-up and receive their Bid ID number during the First Look on Friday evening or up until 11:15am during Final Look on Saturday morning.

• The Camper will write their Bid ID number and bid amount on the bid sheet, do not use personal initials, name or unit number – Silent Identity!

• Bids MUST be written clear and legible! Or you run the risk of the item being awarded to the next bidder

• Bids are in 25 cent increments only

Cash and Carry is available during both viewing times.
Items include:
o Magazines – 10 cents
o Patterns – 25 cents
o Paperback Books – 25 cents
o Hardback Books – 50 cents

Illinois’ Homemakers Camp Veteran, Jean Hilmes, had many roles throughout the 43 years she attended camp. During her younger years, her most iconic role was as the MC of Skit Night, where the only thing more anticipated than her jokes and dialogue, was the outrageous costumes she would wear to entertain the group. In her later years at camp, she developed a silent auction that allowed everyone to reap the benefits. Campers bring in their gently used or new belonging to contribute to the auction. One camper’s junk is another camper’s treasure!  Jean was very proud of all the ladies that participated, as all the proceeds are donated back to the 4-H Camp from the Illinois Homemakers Campers.

We continue the Silent Auction in honor of Jean’s contribution to camp.

Thank you for always making this an enjoyable and successful part of camp each year!

    – Jean’s Girls