Skit Night/Open Mic Night


We entertain each other with stories, poems, songs, funny skits, fashion shows and jokes. You can write a skit, look one up on line, look under skits, read a favorite poem, or bring an instrument and play a song for us.

Skit night began as a ” you will do a skit by your group and you have approximately 30 minutes to plan and practice it” for tonight’s show. Today you can practice all you want, use paper props and recorded music.

Kate Schmitgall puts lots of love and work into planning the MC part and Sue Bidwell helps her organize the show so we can have an interesting and varied presentation. SIGN UP at registration or on the board outside the Dining Hall and we take it down after Sunday’s lunch to organize. THEN we post it again with the order you will appear in and what your group plans to do.

P.S. – you don’t need a group, just something to share with others. We all love to laugh, so help entertain us.