Name That Theme!

O.K… here’s a quiz:  Do you remember what the theme was the very first time you came to camp?  It might take a minute……

Every year we wait with eager anticipation for Sunday evening when the new theme for the upcoming year is announced. And this year will be just as exciting! But we need your input! 

Think of a theme for next year’s camp. You are encouraged to include a sentence or two describing how you came up with your suggestion.  Perhaps you saw a robin tugging at getting a worm out of the ground for its breakfast and thought of “Nature’s Hidden Bounty” or perhaps you heard your cabin mate wildly snoring in the middle of the night and thought of “Night Songs”.  If you can, on your paper create a simple sketch of what brought you to your theme idea.  If you feel you need help in that department, chat with your campmates and locate someone who will help you interpret your idea on paper.  Place your completed offering in the box labeled “Theme” in the Dining Hall.

Above all, think of a theme and submit it by Sunday at lunch.  Yours could be the winning idea!  That will be the year in which you will never forget the theme.  IT WAS YOURS!