1. You must submit an application to be a craft Instructor no later than the application deadline June 30th.  No last minute classes will be allowed unless approved by the Planning Committee.
  1. An exact sample of all projects must be ready to display between 9:30- 10AM Friday morning and throughout the registration time.  Sign-up sheets will be provided.  If an instructor will not be at camp at this time, then arrangements must be made to get a sample to the Craft Coordinator ahead of time. Registration takes place from 11am-1pm.
  1. Fees for craft classes, once stated in the camp schedule, may be lowered, but not raised. If the same class is offered more than once, the fee must remain the same.
  1. No camper shall be required to purchase, at camp, any additional supplies to complete a project, than those listed in the Supply list. If anything extra is needed, they shall be provided by the instructor, and included in the class fee. These items may be available to purchase, but not required.
  1. All Instructors must provide written instructions or a pattern for everyone who takes their classes, no matter what level of difficulty.  This can be used for note taking and instructional review.
  1. You will be assigned a time to teach your class(es) and we will honor your time preference to the best of our ability. You must teach your class at that time, and that time only. (We understand unexpected problems might arise. Contact Craft Coordinator or Camp Chairman if this occurs.)
  1. If a camper signs up for a class, and then does not show up without notifying the Instructor, they will be liable for the cost of that class or kit, since the Instructor may have turned other people away, or made up more kits.
  1. No NEW craft instruction will be started during “toes-up” time (1:00 –2:00 PM) or during planned group activities (IE Sunday morning Inspirational Service). Of course any camper may continue a craft already started at any time, and it’s up to each Instructor if they wish to be available for further instruction.
  1. No commercial selling is allowed by Campers or Instructors. It is, however, reasonable to include the cost of your needed supplies in the fee you charge a person for the kit to complete your class, provide items campers can use in your classes, or that will aid them in completing the project.

*No children are allowed; this policy is for both campers and Instructors.