Basket Weaving – “Open Weave” Session

Instructor: Bonnie Rideout
Time Slots: Friday 7-10pm & Saturday 7-10 pm (sign-up for one or both)
Supplies: none
Size: varies
Class Size Limit: 14
Cost: $20 and up

Basket Weaving with Bonnie Rideout “Open Weave” Session – Kits range from $20 and up. What is an “Open Weave”? An Open Weave is where you come and pick out a kit to weave. It isn’t a class – just an opportunity to weave! I will be there for guidance if needed. I have plenty of kits to choose from for first time weavers and I will guide you through the process. All tools provided. You may also order your kit in advance at use coupon code Sunflower2021 and put in the notes section “Pick-up at Homemakers Camp” and Bonnie will reserve your kit and bring it with her to Camp. Yay!

Note: Some of the larger baskets can take 4hrs to complete and some of the others take less time. Feel free to attend both weaving sessions to finish your basket or start another, no extra cost – just the cost of the kit. If you have your heart set on choosing a kit prior to class and have a question about the time it will take, reach out to Bonnie on her website if you think you will only be able to attend one session or have other questions. Thanks!